Why Tutor at SurferMath?

Are you energetic, smart and passionate about helping kids?

We believe what we do improves the quality of life for our students.  And the confidence we help to instill inspires them to go on and achieve great things with their lives.

SurferMath embraces individual teaching styles and prides itself by being a place where all of our tutors are committed to the success of all of their students. We like to work hard and have fun. To us, surfing Math waves and English waves is fun and learning how to surf those waves should also be fun!

Students should understand what they are being taught, and teaching for understanding requires our tutors to know their students well. The ability to recognize which methods will work best for different students is as important as motivating and encouraging students to succeed. Involving students in their own learning helps this process.

We are not a company that prescribes diagnostic testing, assessments or screenings. Students are people, not widgets. We do not use a “one size fits all” program as if every kid learns the same way.

It is important to enjoy what you are doing. At SurferMath we have positive, energetic attitudes and a sense of humor. We are all life-long learners, so we love learning as much as we love teaching.

Because we expect a level of service from our team that far exceeds the quality of any other individual or organizaton, we pay our tutors very well.
  • Math (all levels, grades 3 through Calculus)
  • English (Reading writing, grades 3 through Junior College)
  • Science (all subjects)
  • Spanish
  • SAT Math (we train staff)
  • SAT English (we train staff)
  • Proctors

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