What our Tutors Say

​“I have been teaching for 16 years and SurferMath teaching philosophy and practices are what I strive to do in my classroom every day.  Working with the other educators at SurferMath has made me a better teacher, both in my relationships with my students and my instructional practices.”

- Jeff Albertazzi (SAT, Math Tutor/Instructor)

"I just show up and work one one one with my students.  SurferMath takes care of the billing and paying us. This allows me to focus on what matters most: helping my students gain confidence and experience success with learning!"

- Michelle W. (English Tutor, SAT tutor/instructor)

​“SurferMath respects its instructors and tutors.  They compensate us very well for our time, including time we spend preparing and planning for our services and classes.”

- Mike Brown (Math Tutor)

​“One of my favorite things about SurferMath is how we are encouraged to build relationships with our students.  It is not uncommon for me to get a text from a student saying how excited they met an academic goal we set together.” 

- Alicia Robert (Math, English, SAT Tutor/Instructor)

​“Yes, the extra money is nice and pays for my summer vacations, but it is really about the principle and respect they have for their teachers and tutors.”

- Antonio Arcadi (English, Math, Physics, SAT Tutor/Instructor)

"​Because I have a full time job, I like that SurferMath lets me set my own hours and work as little or as much as I want.  SurferMath has always treated me like a trusted employee and has allowed me autonomy when I want it but, also lots of guidance and resources when I need it."

- Julie Domezio (English, Math, Spanish, SAT Tutor/Instructor)

"​I love being able to get to know my students individually as people, and their families, which is almost impossible to do in a normal classroom setting. It's a great feeling to hear how much the students, and their parents, appreciate the work I am doing with their children.  ​We are all like one big family; I am finishing up my eighth year with them, and hope to have many more."

- John Dinga (Math, SAT Tutor/Instructor)