SurferMath Has Moved in With Scientopia!

Dear SurferMath Families,

We at SurferMath are excited to share with you some of the changes we’ve been implementing since spring.
First of all, we are pleased to have Michelle White on our staff taking an increasing role in scheduling and managing the tutors. In the spring she functioned as an assistant to Pat Hitchcock and now will take over as program manager. Pat is continuing to be the finance manager as well as back up for Michelle, and enjoying more flexibility in her schedule. Between the two of them your questions and emails should be answered promptly.

Secondly, we’ve teamed up with Scientopia Discovery Center in sharing space and resources. We are now located at 1785 Tanen Street with Scientopia. It’s in a semi-industrial area just off Soscol Avenue across from our old location. Scientopia has traditionally catered to younger kids and used space during the day, while our need for tutoring space is usually in the late afternoon and early evening. Beyond this useful and complementary difference, both of our organizations are committed to providing more math and science programs for adolescents and teenagers, and we look forward to working together.

Thirdly, with the versatile online tools now available to us, we are moving towards a paper-less business. In addition to keeping our tutoring schedule in the cloud, you our clients will be able to register online through our website, and pay invoices through a secure website.

Now that our administrative staff do not need to show up at a physical office to get phone messages or email, we are able to respond to phone calls and email more frequently and efficiently. We trust that you will appreciate that!

We are delighted to report as well that all of our tutors from spring will be continuing with us in the fall, and our collaboration with Scientopia will allow us to expand our services and take care of more Napa students as we move forward into the future.


Tom Lewis, Owner

Pat Hitchcock, Finance Manager

Michelle White, Program Manager