SAT/ACT Prep Testimonials

Napa Parents

"Thank you, Surfermath!  Carson did AMAZING on his test.  The first time he took the mock exam he scored 530 English and 610 Math (1140 total).  After taking your class, his official SAT scores were 610 English and 710 Math (1320 total)!"
"The difference between my student's first practice test at SurferMath and her actual ACT test was 8 points! She saw point gains with every practice test she took. SurferMath's weekly SAT class prepared her for the real thing by reviewing key concepts as well as teaching her test-taking strategies that worked." - Erica
“I just want to thank you for providing the opportunity for my children to take part in the SAT prep class offered at SurferMath. Over the past two years, two of my children have attended the SAT classes offered through SurferMath. Both of my children had different needs and SurferMath did a good job tailoring the program to their individual needs. They have learned test taking strategies to help them be better prepared and confident going into the SAT exam. My son improved his SAT results by over 200 points and my daughter’s practice tests are looking promising. Thanks again.” Lori and Mike

Tutoring Testimonials

Napa Students

"SurferMath makes math fun and I enjoy coming in every week. I have learned a lot and had fun in the process. I no longer hate the grueling hours that I used to spend on math homework. Homework is so much easier now and I owe that to SurferMath." - Megan
"SurferMath has helped me a lot, especially in the testing area. Not only have my scores improved, I no longer have test anxiety!" - Katie

Napa Parents

“Once Tyler started SurferMath, the results were almost immediate! His test scores went up, he completed his homework in a much shorter time frame and his general attitude towards math improved. I don’t think he would have passed algebra II without the SurferMath program. Thank you!” - Chris
"My son has enjoyed coming to SurferMath. It has definitely helped his level of confidence in math improve, which in turn has helped his attitude. He has an “A+” in math right now. I have also really appreciated Tom’s help and suggestions for tutoring and educational help in other areas. His willingness to serve his clients so well has been a great support to our family." - Cathy
“The staff has been very proactive about grouping students in a way that promotes learning. Also when my child needed last minute tutoring sessions to prepare for an exam, they worked hard to get my student on the schedule each time.” Cheri
"I wanted to say thanks for the excellent tutoring support this spring. So happy our community has resources like yours." Kikie

Napa Educators

“SurferMath is a great program for all Napa students! I have witnessed huge improvements in the areas of mathematics and physics for our students at Tech and at Vintage High. My own daughter drops in on a regular basis to SurferMath and her grades in Algebra I, II and Geometry at Napa High have improved greatly and better yet, she really understands the work. She told me once that a couple of sessions at SurferMath was like a couple of weeks in the classroom.” - Tom Solberg, Teacher/Administrator NVUSD.
“Having attended workshops at SurferMath and watched many of my students get tutored by them over the years, I have always been impressed by their commitment to math. The workshops are centered around the joy of math and make you feel like you would rather be nowhere else. Their very high quality tutors can help you finish homework and get a higher class grade, but they are also able to make math seem less of a chore and more of the special activity that it truly should be.” - Sean Gregory, Napa High Math Department