SurferMath Camps

Lego City

$125 per week
Ages 6-9

Let your imagination run wild: come design and build an awesome LEGO city!

Work individually or in teams to plan and create the city of your imagination!

Explore new and cool building techniques.

Lego Movie

$125 per week
Ages 9-13

Build sets and write a script for a stop-motion LEGO adventure movie directed by YOU and your friends!

Engineers and creative minds working together to produce LEGO films in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicken Run, and Wallace and Grommit.

Check out a Lego movie on YouTube.

Lego Robotics

$135 per week
Ages 9-13

Calling all young engineers! Take your ideas and imagination and create something that really works!

Take LEGOs to a whole new level through hands on activities
  • Learn about mechanical design, problem solving and teamwork.
  • Build LEGO and LEGO-like robots (materials provided).
  • Program your robot to perform challenges and tasks.

Take a look at a robot tournament on YouTube .