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SAT Prep with SurferMath

We are committed to supporting every student as they work toward achieving their individual goals.

We focus on 3 major objectives for each of our students:

  1. Multiple exposures to SAT practice questions and practice tests including full breakdown of results to build critical test-taking stamina
  2. Thorough understanding and proficiency with SAT strategies and test-taking techniques
  3. Extensive review and re-teaching of the major content areas on the SAT (reading, writing and math) to allow students to 'attack' more questions with greater confidence.

SAT Individual, One-On-One Tutoring


Some students perform their best when they receive one-on-one guidance from a knowledgeable and professional instructor. Our teachers work to personally create lesson plans of individually tailored content instruction and strategy review for students who work best in a one-on-one environment.

All of our instructors have an extensive background with the subject matter and the SAT test. They are energentic, creative, professional, and engaging.

Call SurferMath at 255-SURF (7873) to schedule your one-on-one SAT tutoring.

SAT Group Classes


The group class includes a complete set of SAT resources for use during weekly classroom instruction and home extensions. Each student also has access to online practice tests that they can take and score at home.

Along with SAT instruction, our classes also include curriculum for teaching strategies to help manage and overcome test anxiety experienced by many students in high-stakes exams.

All of our SAT instructors are the best of the best. All are highly experienced with at least a four-year college degree. They come with extensive training and a full mastery of the SAT exam. They know the exam inside and out, and more importantly, they excel at engaging students, working with their individual needs for the most effective learning experience.

SAT Group Workshop Schedule 2017-2018

Napa Classes (meet at New Tech High School - open to all students)

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