hot S.H.O.T. club

Study skills
Time Management

$75 for 1 day per week for 3 weeks
$150 for 2 days per week for 3 weeks
Grade Level: 7-9

We know that staying organized is especially difficult when it comes to a school binder or backpack. We also know that studying for a test is hard when study methods are a mystery. SurferMath has the answer!

New this school year, SurferMath is offering an organization and study skills club where they will form good study habits and lifelong skills. Students will learn:

  • how to organize their backpacks and binders in an easy and functional way
  • how to use their school planners properly
  • how to approach their homework list each day
  • study methods so they're ready when a test day approaches
  • time management skills

Call SurferMath today to register 255-SURF (7873).