Middle School Scholarships

SurferMath is a locally owned tutoring company with six years experience in providing math tutoring, SAT prep, and enrichment activities to Napa County students. We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to middle school students for after school math tutoring in our center for fall 2012.

Our customary fee for group tutoring is $66.00 per 90 minute session. We are offering scholarship tutoring to qualifying students on a sliding scale. Eligibility is based upon recommendation of current or prior year math teacher and verification of financial need.

How to apply:
1. Student should complete the scholarship application, including student information, parental agreement, verification of eligibility, and student statement.
2. Student should have his/her math teacher provide a recommendation in the space provided.
3. Application should be delivered to SurferMath during business hours, generally Monday through Thursday afternoons.

Student and family responsibility:
1. Family will pay a negotiated portion of our fee, based upon a sliding scale.
2. Family will provide transportation to our tutoring center.
3. Student will bring all of his or her math materials to tutoring sessions.
4. Student or family will notify Surfermath in advance of absences, such as illness or schedule conflicts.
5. Respectful participation in tutoring sessions is expected at all times.

SurferMath responsibility:
1. SurferMath will provide high quality student instructors who are knowledgeable in the math subjects they tutor.
2. SurferMath will consult with and provide feedback to the student, parent(s) and teacher as requested on an as needed basis.

Click here for the middle school scholarship application.
Click here for the Spanish middles school scholarship application.