SurferMath Now Offers Language Arts Tutoring!

Language Arts Support

SurferMath Language Arts tutoring functions to help students increase their literacy, become stronger readers, improve writing skills and produce better written documents. We work one-on-one with students to help them meet their individual, specific learning goals.

Writing and reading go hand-in-hand. To become better readers, students must read; to become better writers, students must write. It is our goal to give students the tools they need to do both of these things successfully.

In order to write well, students need many different kinds of know-how: knowledge of the topic; the ability to organize information to make an effective argument; and an understanding of style and grammar. Also, students need to approach both their writing and reading assignments as critical thinkers who are able to analyze and evaluate the content.

We believe that a student learns most effectively when the learning is done in a safe and fun environment. Learning and teaching should be innovative, creative, and engaging, and should approach old topics in fresh new ways. By collaborating with experienced tutors, we believe students can successfully reach new levels of learning, and develop into confident readers and writers.

We currently offer Language Arts tutoring on limited days for students in grades 7-12. Call for information regarding availability.