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Long, weird, and difficult........

.....is how most students describe the SAT and ACT exams.

​Although there are over 1,000 colleges that are now "Test Optional" (see FairTest.org), to be competitive for admission to selective colleges and qualify for merit based scholarships, many students need to still take either the SAT or ACT exam.  An important fact is that ALL colleges will accept BOTH the SAT and ACT, so you only need to focus on JUST ONE.

Which test is best for you?

​​To be sure, it is highly recommended that every student take one mock SAT exam and one mock ACT exam before winter of their junior year. (Link to mock exam dates.) These diagnostic scores can be compared against each other and against the average scores of entering freshman at any university.  This information, coupled with how the student felt about each exam, will help create a plan and pathway for preparing for the official exam that is their best fit.

How much prep is enough? How much is too much?

The answer to this question depends on a few things:
  • How competitive are the schools on your list?
  • Where are your diagnostic scores?  
  • How much improvement do you need to be at least in the average of other students accepted?
  • How important are merit based scholarships to your family's financial situation?
  • What is your level of self motivation and ability to practice on your own?
Once you have given serious thought to these questions, consider the options below.  We offer something for every student's needs.

Test Prep Options

One-on-One, private tutor

Having a personal tutor is the best way to prepare for the SAT or ACT when you have:
  • relatively high diagnostic scores, when compared to entering freshman at the colleges you are considering
  • personal, specific growth targets for highly selective colleges
  • dedication and commitment to do lots of work between times you meet with your tutor

$125/hour + $65 materials fee
8 hour minimum (10 hours recommended) 

Two-on-One, you and a friend

Working with a friend while preparing with a tutor can have great benefits because you:
  • feel more comfortable navigating challenges of the test
  • learn together
  • stay motivated and focused, because you are held accountable to come ready to learn
  • are trying to meet score goals for moderately selective colleges
  • give yourself an advantage by increasing your chances to receive merit based financial aid

$95/hour (per student) + $65 materials fee
8 hour minimum (10 hours recommended)​ 

SAT Group Class

​This is a great option for SAT prep for students who are:
  • applying to non-selective schools
  • needing a  "bump" up on their scores
  • looking for ways to navigate the SAT exam better, but with a less intense experience
This class meets 4 weeks, two nights per week,  leading up to the March SAT exam.  Includes resource materials and one free full mock exam with complete score report.

$499 (materials included)

"SAT/ACT 101" - The Basics

​For students who are:
  • wanting to understand basic differences between the SAT and ACT exams
  • learn quick, easily applied strategies
  • use as a starting point for a plan extending through fall of senior year, where you might consider more focused tutoring, test prep options
This class meets for 3 hours on a Saturday.  Includes mandatory mock exam prior to class.

$199 (includes mock exam)

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