College Advising

Choosing where to go to college and figuring out all the steps it takes to get there is a tough process and SurferMath is here to help. We are teaming up with Stefanie LaMarca, a local high school counselor, to extend our services to assist students in their journey to college and into a career. As with all of our services at SurferMath, our passion lies in working with the individual student. We relate easily with teens which helps to alleviate the stress that is inherent in the college and career selection process.

Working with thousands of students over the years has given us an inherent understanding of teens.We also have years of experience with the college research and application process and can help students and parents navigate the complexity of it all. We offer help with college research, completing applications, and facilitating the writing of the personal essay. Resources and guidance will be provided for families to complete financial aid applications for funding college, as well.

We pride ourselves on assisting individuals in identifying their options and giving them the confidence they need to make their best choices. We act as a guide to help bring calm to the sometimes overwhelming task of choosing and getting into college. Give us a call and take the first step toward your ideal future!

Our Services

Initial Consultation

90 minute consultation with student and parent(s). Student must provide transcript and test scores at initial consultation. (Initial consultation fee is payable in advance of service. Fee will apply to any package purchased within two weeks of the consultation.)

Basic Package - 12 hours

  • A series of interviews and assessments to help client determine skills, interests, possible college majors and most important college search criteria
  • An individualized list of “good fit” colleges for further research by client
  • A comparison chart of student’s list of colleges

Standard Package - 20 hours

In addition to the services in the Basic Package:
  • Assisting student to create a bio profile to assist in getting letters of recommendation
  • College application support (including a personalized checklist and timeline for completing all parts of the application in a timely and efficient manner)
  • Helping student choose an essay topic and reviewing the essay (* all students will be asked to attend a summer personal essay writing workshop - price NOT included in package)
  • Interview preparation and strategies
  • Assistance with final college choice - if needed

Hourly Rate

All services contracted outside of packages

Call SurferMath to schedule a session. 255-SURF

College Workshops

SurferMath offers many free workshops throughout the school year about choosing and applying to college. Visit out College Workshop page for more details.